Ostarine Powder(MK2866 Powder): The Ultimate Guide

Product Name: Ostarine powder (mk2866 powder mk-2866 powder  enobosarm)


Molecular Weight: 389.3279696

Synonyms:(S)-N-(4-cyano-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)-3-(4-cyanophenoxy)-2-hydroxy-2-methylpropanamide, Enobosarm

Boiling Point: °C at 760 mmHg

Package: be packed according to the customer requirements and packaging specifications.

Appearance: White crystalline powder

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What is Ostarine powder?

Ostarine powder also referred to as Enobosarm or MK-2866 is an experimental drug that was developed by giant pharmaceutical company GTX in 2009. Ostarine powder was developed for the sole purpose of prevention and treatment of muscle wasting as well as treatment of osteoporosis a condition associated with thinning of the bones accompanied by a reduction in bone mass mainly caused by the depletion of calcium or bone protein in the body.

Muscle wasting and osteoporosis are the major cause of body fractures and are known to take long to heal or heal poorly; this explains why Ostarine powder has become a darling of fitness enthusiasts, athletes and body builders as they view it as a solution to long-lived challenge of muscle wasting.

Ostarine powder belongs to a class of drugs known as selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMS. This class of drugs is agents that bind to estrogen receptors in the body and act either as agonists or antagonist in the different body tissues.

SARMS are selective in the sense that they only bind to muscle or bones which differentiates Ostarine powder from other common androgenic drugs such as anabolic steroids. The ability to bind selectively to bone and muscle tissues explains why Ostarine powder has gained prominence in prevention of prostate cancer and hair loss among other uses to be explained later in this article.

How it works?

To understand how Ostarine powder works, a quick background to Selective Antrogen Receptor Modular is necessary. As mentioned earlier, SARMs are androgens or a unique type of hormone which enable steroids to enhance muscle growth ability. SARMS work by influencing the way the body receives androgens at the receptor sites in your body.

Androgens act as ligads or links which link one molecule to another in the body. Scientifically, they connect cellular androgen receptors in the body. Since they are selective in nature, SARMS work by either obstructing or promoting hormone receptors in the body and this explains why they work as either antagonists or agonists in different conditions in the body.

This ability to promote or obstruct the selective androgen receptor helps you to achieve various health and fitness goals in your body and also explains the various uses of SARMS in the body. For instance, as a treatment of cancer, they work by obstructing binding but as in enhancing muscle growth, they work by promoting binding.

Binding and activation of Ostarine powder is what causes altering the expression of genes as well as increase protein synthesis in the body. Thus, like steroids, Ostarine powder causes muscle growth like other anabolic steroids without enhancing the growth on prostrate and other secondary organs like other anabolic steroids.

Ostarine powder mainly exerts it anabolic effect on the muscle tissue thus explaining its use in treatment of wide range of muscle wasting conditions such as age-related conditions or AIDS. Key point to note about Ostarine powder is that it is 200 times more powerful and 90 times more selective when used in muscle growth as compared to other steroid supplements.

By binding to the body’s muscle receptor, Ostarine powder causes muscle growth activity without leading to any undesirable side-effect. The positive effect of this powder can be maintained even when you discontinue the use of the drug as long as one continues to eat healthy and exercise.

It is known to enhance a high degree of nutrient partitioning which explains its ability to aid fat loss without promoting muscle growth. In simple terms, Ostarine powder can help you lose weigh without producing undesirable effect of sagging skin tissue. This explains why Ostarine powder is known to be both versatile and safe by fitness enthusiasts.

It is great for you if you are looking for a steroids which has absolutely no side-effect but highly effective in healing injuries, shedding off that stubborn fat or achieving a dream body.

Health benefits of Ostarine powder

As pointed out above, Ostarine powder gives many health benefits without exposing the users to extreme side effects of other steroids. The main advantages its effectiveness, safety and versatility. Specific health functions of the this powder include:


Bulking is also lean muscle gains or rapid muscle growth in the body. To achieve bulking, the human body must have access to extra calories but to many fitness enthusiasts, excess calories is their least favorite word and this is where Ostarine powder comes in handy. The main advantage of Ostarine powder in bulking is that the weight is mostly lean mass.

Ostarine powder has no shutdown period like most steroids, hence there is no need for a PTC period and the weight gained during the period of active use can be maintained when one stops using the drug. The recommended dosage to achieve bulking varies depending on the needs of the user, but the recommended dosage should last for 4-6 weeks .During this period, use doses of 26mg to produce an average of 3 kgs which can continue after the cycle.

For users who want to gain as high as 95+ kgs, the recommended period should last longer that the recommended 4-6 weeks sometimes lasting as long as 8 weeks. In such a case, the potential for suppression or losing the gained weight upon elapsing of the cycle is higher thus there is need to look into a PCT protocol upon completion of the cycle.

Since majority of the dosage seem to exists in 30 ml bottles, the recommended dosage for this case is 17.5 mg everyday during the cycle. This implies the user will have a 6-7 weeks cycle or in simple terms use the drug for 6-7 weeks to achieve the desired results.


This is the opposite of bulking and refers to cutting of body fat. Medical practitioners define weight loss as a combination of losing body fat and excess body fluids and Ostarine powder comes in handy in both cases. The basic role of Ostarine powder in cutting is to maintain muscle mass while enhancing reduction of body calories or body fat.

Reduction of body fat can easily be explained by losing more calories and taking less calories thus forcing the body to bun the stored fat into calories. However, how to lose muscle mass is not clear, and this is what Ostarine powder is effective in. How is this achieved?

Due to a drop in metabolism rate and hormone activity(achieved through inhibiting characterizing of ostarine powder) forms and ideal catabolic environment to lose muscle mass. The anabolic effect of ostarine powder enables the body to lose muscle mass without losing its muscle tissue or muscle strength .further, Ostarine powder is known to cause nutrient portioning effect(to be explained later) which is also great for cutting.

To achieve the desired result, the recommended dose is a 5-15 gm dosage taken for 4-6 weeks. However, this might vary from one individual to another depending on desired weight loss goals and probability of a suppression.


Recomping is the compromise between bulking and cutting or simply put, gaining muscle fat while at the same time losing body fat. This is perhaps the most common use of ostarine powder since it is what most people undertaking a fitness program hope to achieve.

Achieving this through a pure training program is hard is not impossible since our bodies are designed to pursue one at a time, Ostarine powder achieves this role through its ability to cause nutrient partitioning. The process of nutrient partitioning refers to a process in which your body decides what to do with the energy you obtain from the diet that you take. The energy is either utilized in building body muscles or stored as fat.

Since ostarine powder has both antagonistic and agonistic properties as explained earlier, it enhances nutrient partitioning by enhancing partition of nutrient as muscle as opposed to stored fat. Muscle is required for many functions in the body like growth, strength, increased work capacity, quick recovery and healing among others.

Stored fat on the other hand is the leading cause of many health conditions like obesity and this explains why our bodies should use more nutrients in muscle building as opposed to storing it as fat. Ostarine power ensures that calories are taken from fat stores(stored fat) and the calories intake utilized or fed into muscle tissue thus attaining the compels process of recomping.

Time is of essence during this process since it might take a while to achieve both benefits simultaneously. However, the benefits achieved through the use of ostarine powder are long term or permanent in most cases as opposed to short-term results achieved with the use of most steroids.

Like cutting and bulking, the recommended dosage for recoping varies depending on the desired results of the user. However, the recommended dose is 12.5-25 mg for a duration lasting for 4-weeks to get the best results.

To boost your chances of obtaining excellent results, ostarine powder should be accompanied by an optimized diet and exercise with a large percentage of the diet (or at least 30%) being obtained from lean protein sources.

Prevent injury

Anobolic feature of Ostarine powder is what makes it best for healing or prevention of injury mainly in bones, ligaments, tendons and a wide range of muscles. According to research, Ostarine powder has more than 60% more effectiveness in injury prevention as compared to most testosterone.

This quality has made Ostarine powder a darling to many bodybuilders and sports personalities who sustain serious injuries when training. Further, as explained earlier, ostarine powder can enhance treatment of muscle wasting which is a common occurrence during training.

Research into other potential uses of Ostarine powder in ailments related to bone density is ongoing. The recommended dosage for muscle recovery is 12-13 mg per day for the duration of injury.


This is another major health benefit associated with Ostarine powder due to its ability to maintain muscle strength which is a major requirement in this activity. Muscle endurance is another key element required during cycling. Ostarine powder promotes muscle endurance by promoting muscle growth and quick muscle recovery majorly experienced during cycling.


Doping is one major use of Ostarine powder which has been surrounded by controversy. Due to its ability to promote rapid muscle growth and muscle healing, experts recommend its use for athletes. However, when used in excess, it leads to some enhanced body activity which is treated as doping. But what exactly is excess use? The jury is out there.

Side effects of Ostarine powder

In spite of the many benefits of Ostarine powder, it is not accurate to say it has absolutely no side effects on the users. Medics prefer ostarine powder since their sides effects are mild and manageable in most cases. Some of these side effects include:

Acne Baldness Disparities in cholesterol level Excessive hair growth in the body Growth on breasts in men also known a moops or gynecomastiaRise in blood pressure Increased liver toxicity.

There is a long list of conditions that can be cause be excessive use of Ostarine powder. However, the effects vary from one individual to another with most people reporting desired positive results with no side effect at all.

Further, it not clear how exactly Ostarine powder leads to these side effects. The general consensus among medics is that the rapid change in the hormones in the body is what causes a most of the conditions listed above. As mentioned earlier, Ostarine powder works by either promoting or inhibiting the functioning of oestrogen receptors which influence the functioning of body hormones.

It is important to note that there are many factors that can alter the functioning of hormones in the human body. Some of these factors include age, environment, physiological conditions, diet, use or disuse of family planning drugs among others.

This explains why medics regard Ostarine powder as one of the most effective drugs with no side effects since the assumption is that the side effects might have been caused by other factors as listed above. Hence, ceteris paribus( all factors constant) Ostarine powder is considered to have no side effects.

Due to the fact that Ostarine can cause a temporary decrease in testosterone and a slight increase in ostrogen (a situation which leads to gynecomstia or growth of breasts tissue in men) use of aromatase inhibitor like arimidix or aromasin is highly recommended during the cycle period.

The use of aromasis is known to lead to interruptions in a sleeping pattern, thus sometimes the use of ostarine powder is associated with insomania or lack of sleep.

Why Ostarine powder?

The point being answered is what is the benefit of Ostarine powder as compared to other steroids?

Some of the benefits of using oesterine powder include?

· There is no need for post cycle therapy PCT when you lose weight using ostarine powder. The purpose of a PCT is to ensure that the muscle gained during the cycle is kept and to ensure to prevent post cycle crash that can waste away the muscle gain during the cycle period. As mentioned earlier, ostarine powder ensures permanent results, thus their is no need for the activity.

· There is no need cycle supports during the weight loss period like with other steroids.

· Other steroids are known to cause major suppressions which can be risky mainly for athletes. However, ostarine powder is known to cause little or no suppressions especially when the user takes the recommended dosage strictly. This is especially common is a user takes 25g or over a period less that 4 weeks which is why is highly recommended for users to take small dosage over a longer period to prevent a possibility of a suppression.

· Ostarine powder is associated with a high oral biovailability with little or no effects on the liver of the user. This refers to the percentage or fraction of oral drug administered which gets to the body’s circulation system .If a high percentage of the drug reaches the body’s circulation within a short period, it serves it prime purpose immediately thus reducing the amount that gets to the liver as toxic and this explains why Ostarine powder is preferred. Further, this ability explains why ostarine powder is able to dissolve in the body almost immediately and explains its rampant use as a doping agent. Many athletes, mainly those under the watch or world doping agency use ostarine powder since it is difficult is not impossible to trace in the human body within a short period of use.

· Use of sarms is associated with sense of well being with minimum aggression which is common with other steroids.

· Use of sarms powder is associate with short time off between the cycle. In simple terms, this implies users wait for a short period after use before the start of another cycle. Most steroids require long cycle, sometimes lasting over 8 weeks before one can start another cycle like posts therapy cycle but with asteroid powder, two cycles can occur simultaneous. Further, as mentioned earlier, asteroid powder does not require a post therapy cycle PCT which further shortens the time off period.

Sarms powder is the most effective asteroid known to exist today. As mentioned earlier, it is over 200 times more effective as compared to other common streroids, thus this implies you can achieve your fitness goals faster and more effectively by using sarms powder.

.There are other numerous benefits of sarms powder as compared to other steroids. Ranking top includes safety and effectiveness of sarms powder. Price is also a major factor since sarms powder is cheaper as compared to most steroids.

Who should use Ostarine powder?

Due to its many benefits outlined above, Ostarine powder can be used by anyone seeking to get a perfect body shape. Its feature of muscle building while burning fat has made it gain prominence among body builders, models, sports men/women and others who earn their livelihoods from their physical appearance. Ostarine powder is safe with no side effects; hence anyone can use it to get any of the benefits explained earlier.

However, due to its ability to alter body hormones, pregnant women and nursing mothers should seek advice from their doctors before using the drug. Further, people on other medications such as diabetic patients and persons dealing with high blood pressures should talk to a doctor before taking the drug.

There is a debate on whether women going through menopause can use this drug to reduce the adverse effects of hormonal changes that women experience during menopause. Although there is no specific answer to this, women who are struggling with weight gain as a result of menopause can use the drug to shed off some weight.

However, the effects vary from one individual to another with most people reporting desired positive results with no side effect at all. Further, it not clear how exactly Ostarine powder leads to these side effects. The general consensus among medics is that the rapid change in the hormones in the body is what causes a most of the conditions listed above.

As mentioned earlier, Ostarine powder works by either promoting or inhibiting the functioning of oestrogen receptors which influence the functioning of body hormones


Thus, whether you want to gain body muscle, lose fat, gain muscle strength or achieve any other fitness goals, Ostarine powder is a perfect choice. With its features, you can be sure to get your desired results faster and more effectively as compared to many existing weight loss products.

Further, the most effects of weight loss products are short-lived and will only last as long as you continue using the drug but stops when you stop and this is not the case with Ostarine powder. The drug was made to achieve a lifestyle change as the results obtained are permanent and long lasting with absolutely no side-effects and this explains its rapid use in the fitness industry.Further, with its pocket friendly price, anyone can afford this drug.

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